sm couple of secrets

On SM and other demons

A peek at the world of SM

”Everybody can fuck. That’s the easy part. What I do though… SM is another story… I can take you to the limits of your pain and back. I might hurt you, but I will not harm you.”

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your sexual fantasies Couple of Secrets

(Y)our favourite sexual fantasies

At our first Couple of Secrets workshop at the BXLWKP afterwork party, we asked participants to write down their sexual fantasies. This is a selection of the most exciting fantasies we received. Now our message is: go and carry them out!

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erotic photoshoot corset

The man in the mirror

When I first suggested an erotic photoshoot a couple of weeks ago, in bed, she giggled excitedly. She doesn’t have any experience in modelling, but I know deep inside that with those sensual curves, with that face, she will look like a goddess!

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couple sexting couple of secrets

Couple sexting: the best thing since hotlines

Couple sexting is a great way to keep your passion flowing throughout the day. It also serves as the perfect long-drawn foreplay necessary for more passionate sex. So why not do more of it!

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Fun4Two: a review

Fun4Two: a review

Fun4Two sets the standard in the swinging scene, not only for the Netherlands, but worldwide. It is a sexy club which, while being vast, keeps things very intimate, even in a swinging environment. It is the prefect place for beginners and more experienced couples.

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tips for visiting swingers club

8 tips to visiting a swingers club, without risking your relationship

Visiting a swingers club is like any other adventure that you embark on with your partner: it can be detrimental if your relationship cannot take it. Here we share our experience on how to make a visit to a swingers club risk-free to your relationship, and indeed use it to make your relationship stronger!

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women's day

Have a sexy Women’s Day!

This year on Women’s Day I chose to focus on sexual fulfilment. It is the ultimate expression of an independent woman who is in full control of her choices and who is free to deploy her sexuality without hesitations or fear.

Wherever you are, tell us in two words, what does Women’s Day mean to you?

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Couple of Secrets

Welcome to Couple of Secrets

Couple of Secrets is a window into our sexual experiences: an ordinary couple on a journey to nurture and expand its sexual space. We simply refuse the premise that as relationships advance sex becomes humdrum and boring.

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tantric massage

There is something about Mary

Mary is installed to Xander’s left and I to his right. With her skilled hands she is massaging his feet, his legs, his thighs, his torso, his face and forehead.

-‘Tantric massage was such an exciting sensation’, Xander confessed to me later, ‘Feeling hands and legs touching me and not knowing to whom they belong.’

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