Our story


When I set eyes on Aliki for the first time, in 2009, I never thought we would ever become friends, let alone have a common love life and blog about it! Admittedly it would have been more of a forceful intro had it started “when we set eyes on each other”, but the truth is that Aliki doesn’t even remember that fateful day, when I opened the door for my new neighbour and stood there, rooted to the ground, like a gobsmacked teenager!

At the time, Aliki was married and expecting her first baby and I was expecting my third daughter (technically my partner was, not me, of course). Nothing could have prepared us for the whirlwind events that several years later would open the way to us falling madly in love. But that’s another story that will be told elsewhere. What matters is that it’s 2018 and we are ready to share our love and sexual space with the world!

Why? Mostly because we think you would be interested to read about it. And because we would love to share it. It might inspire you and it certainly motivates us!

When we looked around, on the Net we found either blogs giving sexual tips and relationship advice or vulgar sites offering relief to frustrated males. The world, it seems, misses authentic accounts of how a relationship doesn’t have to be either a pair of clandestine passionate lovers or two tired-out people sharing a mortgage and a couple of kids. This is what we try to provide through our blog.

We are definitely not a superstar couple and while we are decent looking (this is me being humble… Aliki is actually stunning!) we are simply normal people: lovers, friends and parents. Together we have discovered that it is possible to be in love and to carry out all you sexual fantasies with your partner; no need to compromise or look elsewhere. So, together, we have decided to do all the things that we were told are “bad” and “sleazy” and blog about them.

We hope you like it, and please do get in touch with us! We would love to hear your experiences too!

Photocredits: Cristina de la Madera, Couple of Secrets