Nymph Couple of Secrets

The Nymph: the woman with no name

She was on her own, slightly distanced from the other couples, in a dark corner. A Nymph. Tall long legs, stilettoes, a curvy body and shoulder-length, black wavy hair. From her face I could only make out the big lips. The rest was covered by a black satin mask, abiding strictly by the rules of the party.

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Boate 2a2 Rio Couple of Secrets

Boate 2a2, Rio: a review

While in Rio, Aliki and I decided to check out the Brazilian swinging scene. We had already heard quite a few interesting things about sex and Brazilians but we wanted to find out first hand. Our choice fell on Boate 2a2 in Botafogo.

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Sex Roundup Couple of Secrets

Sex Roundup: latest gossip Ep. 1

This our first quick roundup of the sex-related stuff that has caught our attention in recent days. It has been, in fact, a very enlightening week, especially for men in search of self-improvement!

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swingers clubs weird couples

5 weird couples you may meet in swingers clubs

There’s no better place to observe people than swingers clubs. People there don’t have much cover. The large majority of couples we have met in the swinging scene are fun, respectful and relaxed people. There are, however, a few exceptions. These are 5 weird couples you may meet in swingers clubs.

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sex party couple of secrets

The sex party

Aliki and I had discussed it in detail. It is a fundamental rule of our sexual space. Should we accept the invitation for a private sex party? Will it be too much outside our comfort zone? How would we feel about having sex with people who we would meet again? In the end, however, our curiosity had tipped the balance.

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sexual role play couple of secrets

The stranger

She walked up to me, boldly. A smile played at the edge of her luscious lips. – ‘Waiting for someone?’ I took a sip of my Talisker, calmly. It afforded me a moment to study her. Long black hair, dark penetrating eyes, a tight burgundy turtle-neck hugging the contours of her bosom and a black leather skirt. I liked her.

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talking to your partner about sex

Sex chat: talking to your partner about sex

Talking to your partner about sex is the foundation of your sexual space as a couple. From personal experience, however, we both know it doesn’t always come easy. He might be reticent, she might be closed up… Here is what we learnt from our own experience.

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buying underwear for you lover

The Corset: Tips on buying underwear for your lover

Buying underwear for your lover can be relatively easy. You know the size, you pick the brand and you choose what you would like to see her in. But it is much harder though to identify that one object of desire that fits her like a glove!

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couple sexting couple of secrets

Couple sexting: the best thing since hotlines

Couple sexting is a great way to keep your passion flowing throughout the day. It also serves as the perfect long-drawn foreplay necessary for more passionate sex. So why not do more of it!

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tips for visiting swingers club

8 tips to visiting a swingers club, without risking your relationship

Visiting a swingers club is like any other adventure that you embark on with your partner: it can be detrimental if your relationship cannot take it. Here we share our experience on how to make a visit to a swingers club risk-free to your relationship, and indeed use it to make your relationship stronger!

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