Preparing for swingers clubs: what to put into your bag

The first time I was preparing for a swingers club was nerve wracking. Do I need to give my name and address ? Should I arrive early to check out the crowd ? How am I expected to interact? But as woman, the most pressing question was: what on earth am I supposed to wear?

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female sexual energy couple of secrets

Female sexual energy: why both sexes need it

Female sexual energy should not be similar to that of men; it would be an artificial effort and doomed to fail. But it should complement it. So, ladies, next time your man shares his fantasies, don’t feel uncomfortable, don’t switch off and more importantly don’t spare him! Feel free to adapt it and to put yours on the table.

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sm couple of secrets

On SM and other demons

A peek at the world of SM

”Everybody can fuck. That’s the easy part. What I do though… SM is another story… I can take you to the limits of your pain and back. I might hurt you, but I will not harm you.”

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women's day

Have a sexy Women’s Day!

This year on Women’s Day I chose to focus on sexual fulfilment. It is the ultimate expression of an independent woman who is in full control of her choices and who is free to deploy her sexuality without hesitations or fear.

Wherever you are, tell us in two words, what does Women’s Day mean to you?

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tantric massage

There is something about Mary

Mary is installed to Xander’s left and I to his right. With her skilled hands she is massaging his feet, his legs, his thighs, his torso, his face and forehead.

-‘Tantric massage was such an exciting sensation’, Xander confessed to me later, ‘Feeling hands and legs touching me and not knowing to whom they belong.’

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Knocking on heaven’s -back- door

Lately Xander surprised me with a confession: ‘You were the first woman I ever had anal sex with’ Whoever said that your partner cannot still surprise after years of countless sexual encounters!

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Lady Paname: a review

Whether you are looking for sexy underwear, massage oils, candles with essential oils, nipple ornaments, chokers, whips, buttplugs, Venetian masks or just for inspiration, Lady Paname is the place to be. Also, if you are into dildo’s and strap ons, they have some of the best products I have ever seen, including a couple of exciting systems I had not seen at any other sex shop before.

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#365daysofgoodsex- Aliki

Since last week we started ticking off Xander’s list of sexual fantasies for 2018, I thought it was about time I contributed with mine as well. Just in case these wish-lists do work…

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Confessions of a female mind

Part II: Yemanja
I didn’t notice her from the beginning. How is this possible? After all, it’s not everyday you get to meet a goddess. My pheromones tingled. I raised my eyes from the menu and this time I saw her properly.

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Confessions of a female mind

Part 1: Reconnaissance

Some months ago, when Xander and I were trying to decide whether we should travel to Argentina or Brazil, Xander was leaning towards Argentina and I more towards Brazil.

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