erotic photoshoot corset

The man in the mirror

When I first suggested an erotic photoshoot a couple of weeks ago, in bed, she giggled excitedly. She doesn’t have any experience in modelling, but I know deep inside that with those sensual curves, with that face, she will look like a goddess!

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The Red Light

Stuck on a red light, I was mulling over this, when I suddenly realised that a gorgeous brunette was looking at me from the car next to mine. My arousal was immediate. I looked back at her, trying to find both an excuse and the courage to talk to her, when she motioned at me to pull down the window. Was I dreaming?

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Sex and the Office

Guest post by Cassandrox

It is just so natural. It is the place where we spend most of our time and where most of our interactions happen. I believe that the workplace is a great place to flirt; which creates funny moments of embarrassment and double games.

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