sexual role play couple of secrets

The stranger

She walked up to me, boldly. A smile played at the edge of her luscious lips. – ‘Waiting for someone?’ I took a sip of my Talisker, calmly. It afforded me a moment to study her. Long black hair, dark penetrating eyes, a tight burgundy turtle-neck hugging the contours of her bosom and a black leather skirt. I liked her.

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sm couple of secrets

On SM and other demons

A peek at the world of SM

”Everybody can fuck. That’s the easy part. What I do though… SM is another story… I can take you to the limits of your pain and back. I might hurt you, but I will not harm you.”

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Till Valentine’s do us part

A year has 365 potential Valentine’s days, and we try to cram in as many as we can! It would be very sad indeed to just have one day a year to celebrate your love and sex life, don’t you think?!

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#365daysofgoodsex- Aliki

Since last week we started ticking off Xander’s list of sexual fantasies for 2018, I thought it was about time I contributed with mine as well. Just in case these wish-lists do work…

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Confessions of a female mind

Part II: Yemanja
I didn’t notice her from the beginning. How is this possible? After all, it’s not everyday you get to meet a goddess. My pheromones tingled. I raised my eyes from the menu and this time I saw her properly.

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365 days of good sex

Last night, as Aliki and I watched the fireworks go off over spectacular Copacabana, I found myself thinking of what I would like for 2018. Not resolutions. I don’t believe in them: they’re usually just a laundry list of unattainable targets that is postponed from one new year to another. Read More

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