OMGYES Couple of Secrets

OMGYes project: a review

Wouldn’t it be cool if we all knew more about female anatomy and sexual satisfaction? If we were all familiar with the exact details and techniques that make women tick?

Welcome to the OMGYES project!

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sexual role play couple of secrets

The stranger

She walked up to me, boldly. A smile played at the edge of her luscious lips. – ‘Waiting for someone?’ I took a sip of my Talisker, calmly. It afforded me a moment to study her. Long black hair, dark penetrating eyes, a tight burgundy turtle-neck hugging the contours of her bosom and a black leather skirt. I liked her.

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erotic photoshoot corset

The man in the mirror

When I first suggested an erotic photoshoot a couple of weeks ago, in bed, she giggled excitedly. She doesn’t have any experience in modelling, but I know deep inside that with those sensual curves, with that face, she will look like a goddess!

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tantric massage

There is something about Mary

Mary is installed to Xander’s left and I to his right. With her skilled hands she is massaging his feet, his legs, his thighs, his torso, his face and forehead.

-‘Tantric massage was such an exciting sensation’, Xander confessed to me later, ‘Feeling hands and legs touching me and not knowing to whom they belong.’

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Hot Shot

One of our most memorable erotic experiences with Xander has been the two hours spent together with Cristina de la Madera at her studio. I know what you are thinking of and I am gonna have to stop you right there. Cristina is a photographer. Read More

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Let there be porn

When it comes to porn, I admit I am rather illiterate. Xander has never had a special interest in it either. Are you utterly disappointed in us? Don’t unfollow us just yet! Read More

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Spank me tender

As a woman, you would never accept your guy hitting you, would you?

Except if it happens exactly when you want it, exactly where you want it and exactly as you want it. Which in my case is hard, but without any violence. On the cheeks, but not on the face. When I am on top, but only in particular circumstances, ie when I feel like it.

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