sexual role play couple of secrets

The stranger

She walked up to me, boldly. A smile played at the edge of her luscious lips. – ‘Waiting for someone?’ I took a sip of my Talisker, calmly. It afforded me a moment to study her. Long black hair, dark penetrating eyes, a tight burgundy turtle-neck hugging the contours of her bosom and a black leather skirt. I liked her.

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talking to your partner about sex

Sex chat: talking to your partner about sex

Talking to your partner about sex is the foundation of your sexual space as a couple. From personal experience, however, we both know it doesn’t always come easy. He might be reticent, she might be closed up… Here is what we learnt from our own experience.

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buying underwear for you lover

The Corset: Tips on buying underwear for your lover

Buying underwear for your lover can be relatively easy. You know the size, you pick the brand and you choose what you would like to see her in. But it is much harder though to identify that one object of desire that fits her like a glove!

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couple sexting couple of secrets

Couple sexting: the best thing since hotlines

Couple sexting is a great way to keep your passion flowing throughout the day. It also serves as the perfect long-drawn foreplay necessary for more passionate sex. So why not do more of it!

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tips for visiting swingers club

8 tips to visiting a swingers club, without risking your relationship

Visiting a swingers club is like any other adventure that you embark on with your partner: it can be detrimental if your relationship cannot take it. Here we share our experience on how to make a visit to a swingers club risk-free to your relationship, and indeed use it to make your relationship stronger!

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Sex in the fast lane

It is extremely exciting to be aroused and yet to have to wait until the moment comes. It is, however, equally exciting to have sex the moment you feel like it, wherever you are, even if it is in a car whizzing at 130km per hour.

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Space Oddity – the secret to a long, healthy sex life

A long healthy, sex life is possible. Do you thrive in your sexual space? Do you feel free to discuss your fantasies without the fear of being chastised? And, perhaps more crucially, is your sexual space evolving?

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The Ring – part 3

The moment the ring appeared her pupils registered a brief instant of panic. ‘Is he proposing?!’ I  could read her thought as if she had spoken it out loud, and almost soiled my pants.

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A Dangling Surprise

After a long kiss she took my hand and led me upstairs. Despite my tiredness my stomach knotted with anticipation. I knew well the magic that Aliki’s hands work on me. I stiffened just at the thought.

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365 days of good sex

Last night, as Aliki and I watched the fireworks go off over spectacular Copacabana, I found myself thinking of what I would like for 2018. Not resolutions. I don’t believe in them: they’re usually just a laundry list of unattainable targets that is postponed from one new year to another. Read More

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