365 days of good sex

Last night, as Aliki and I watched the fireworks go off over spectacular Copacabana, I found myself thinking of what I would like for 2018. Not resolutions. I don’t believe in them: they’re usually just a laundry list of unattainable targets that is postponed from one new year to another. Read More

Hot Shot

One of our most memorable erotic experiences with Xander has been the two hours spent together with Cristina de la Madera at her studio. I know what you are thinking of and I am gonna have to stop you right there. Cristina is a photographer. Read More

Sex on the beach

When you are surrounded by sandy beaches and crashing waves it is difficult to imagine that it is Christmas time and cold winter in Europe. It is, however, rather easy to imagine that it’s the time and place for sex. Read More

Sex and the Office

Guest post by Cassandrox

It is just so natural. It is the place where we spend most of our time and where most of our interactions happen. I believe that the workplace is a great place to flirt; which creates funny moments of embarrassment and double games.

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Monday romance

Last week I was having one of these days that start off on the wrong foot.

One of the kids had woken up in the middle of the night with a nightmare: a monster in the Super Mario race.

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The Ring – part 2

Continued from The Ring – part 1

That second day on Koufonisi was probably one of the slowest ever. If I ever needed proof that Einstein’s Theory of Relativity actually works, I found it then on that Greek island.  Thankfully, the day started late, as is wont on these kind of holidays. Read More

The changing room

I am standing in a corner of the room, in front of the big ornate mirror of Fata Morgana. Fixing my make up. The music from the dance floor is pounding in my ears. The place is tastefully decorated, though I will never take a liking to the concept of mixed changing rooms. Read More

Cabaret Mademoiselle: A review

Burlesque cabaret – Brussels

It is purely by chance that Aliki and I came across Mademoiselle. We were looking for a nice eatery in the LGBTQ district in the centre of Brussels when we passed in front of it. It was the word ‘cabaret’ that drew our attention. So we asked around and found out that the place is brand new: it opened only in October this year! (that’s 2017 for people who read this in a few years’ time).

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Let there be porn

When it comes to porn, I admit I am rather illiterate. Xander has never had a special interest in it either. Are you utterly disappointed in us? Don’t unfollow us just yet! Read More

The Ring – part 1

The idyllic, Greek island of Koufonisia has always been our secret El Dorado. Back in the time when our love was still an impossibility, we dreamt of going there together and even wrote about how we would imagine it to be. This summer, it finally happened. Read More